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There are many different ways you can contribute to projects in the Megabyte Labs eco-system. We develop and fund open-source projects in hopes that you will find them useful and maybe even decide to contribute enhancements. There are several ways you can help us in our endeavor.

  1. Report bugs, issues, and error messages
  2. Submit feature requests
  3. Contribute by opening a pull request
  4. Join the community
  5. Spread the word by sharing your positive experience with Install Doctor

Reporting Issues

For each of our projects, you can open issues either on GitHub or GitLab. Links to both are located in the of every project. When submitting issues be sure to include relevant information like what operating system you are using, the operating system version, and other relevant information that will vary depending on the type of project. For instance, if you are reporting an issue with a Node.js project, you should include the version of Node.js you are using. In order to make sure the issue you submit can be addressed, be sure to include as much detail as possible.

Feature Requests

Feature requests are welcome and extremely important to us. Feature requests help us decide how to steer the direction of every project we maintain. For more details on how to submit a feature request, check out the Feature Requests page.

Pull Requests

If you modify any of our projects with enhancements, please consider opening a pull request. You might do this so other communities can take advantage of your work and also improve it even further with their optimizations. Also, to decrease the overhead involved with maintaining your fork, you can submit your changes to the base project that we manage and take advantage of enhancement and security patches that we provide. Before opening a pull request, it is important to read through all of our documentation, in particular the Linting, Style Guides and Pull Request documentation.

If you see documentation that can be improved and can do better, you can make edits directly on GitHub by using the links on each documentation page that say, "Edit on GitHub." When submitting documentation changes, you should follow the recommendations provided on the Contributing Documentation page.

Join the Community

Filing issues and contributing code are the not only ways you can contribute. You can also engage with our community by asking questions or posting answers on any of our channels detailed on the Community page. One of our goals is to have an active community powering the progression of projects within the Megabyte Labs eco-system.

Star and Share

If you appreciate any of our projects and think other people should know about it then please add stars to the projects of ours that you like on GitHub. We also encourage you to share your positive experiences on relevant sites to help spread the word.