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What is Qubes OS?

Qubes OS is a security-focused, open-source operating system that is designed to provide better security and isolation for its users. Unlike traditional operating systems, Qubes OS uses a unique approach to security called "Security by Compartmentalization."

This approach involves separating different applications and tasks into isolated compartments, called "qubes," which are each assigned a specific level of trust. For example, you can have a qube for your personal documents, a qube for browsing the web, and a qube for running sensitive applications. This way, if one qube is compromised, the others remain secure and unaffected.

Qubes OS also provides other security features, such as strict isolation of networking and USB devices, enforced memory management, and compartmentalized cryptography. It is designed to be used on a variety of hardware, including laptops and desktops, and supports a range of applications, including web browsing, email, office productivity, and multimedia.

Qubes OS is free and open-source, which means that anyone can access the source code and contribute to its development. It is often used by journalists, activists, and security professionals who require a high level of security and privacy in their work.


Install Doctor supports Qubes.

Install Doctor is a provisioning tool and framework we developed that can provision systems with optimal settings and software. It also lets you provision Qubes with a one-liner. The Qubes provisioning process includes a lot of Qubes-specific code including a theme for KDE on dom0.

Qubes Install Doctor venn diagram

Industry leading security.

Qubes makes significant changes to the desktop experience in order to make computing more secure. We take a step further by configuring Qubes with sensible default settings and settings that improve security.

Desktop security graphic

Virtualization with other platforms.

Part of what makes Qubes unique is its integration of virtualized desktop environment into an all-encompassing operating system that is designed to never connect to the internet. Our expertise with virtualization does not stop with Qubes. VMWare, Parallels, KVM, Docker, Hyper-V, and VirtualBox are all essential to our eco-system.

Virtualization graphic

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